Spoutwood Farm

Our 2015 Season Kick-Off Party,Open Observation Night and CSA Open House was a huge success!

Thank you everyone who showed up and braved the muddy day. We couldn’t be more pleased with the company we kept. Please check out photos on  Facebook  (until we get our gallery up and working here). If you have photos to contribute, please email them to education@spoutwood.org.   Thanks again to Mark Kocher, Teen CHEFS, … Read more »

Spoutwood News

Welcome to the new website! While still in its formative stages, all visitors should be able to find upcoming event dates, register for programs, explore what we do here and be able to contact our family of staff. Now that the new site is up and running, we will be adding more events, a photo… Read more »

March 21st Open Observatory Night

Ice Volcanoes on Ceres? Venus Climbs Into the Evening Sky Eight years since it’s launch in 2007, the Dawn probe will enter the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres on March 6th. With this arrival, NASA establishes a landmark event in the history of solar system exploration. First discovered in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi, Ceres… Read more »