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Come release your inner-wild and celebrate the spririt of retro-natural life at the 
10th Annual Mother Earth Fall Festival!

September 20th & 21st
10:00am - 5:00pm
Tickets: $8, under 13 FREE!
Parking: $5/car

Parades & Costumes
Live Music & Performance Art
Local Food & Traditional Crafts
Green Living Demos & Hands-on Activities

The Mother Earth Fall Festival is dedicated to the spirit of Mamma Terra, our small beautiful home, planet Earth.  Each year we gather to appreciate the abundance of life, express our creativity, and share our knowledge.  Come reconnect with Mamma Terra and celebrate the harvest sason at Spoutwood!

Admission and Parking

Free Admission for Kids!

In order to make The Mother Earth Harvest Moon Fair even more family friendly, kids 12 and under are free and adults only $8. Parking at the farm across the road will run $5/ vehicle.

Spoutwood Farm Center is a 501 (c ) (3 ) non-profit educational farm located in Glen Rock, PA, 45 minutes from Baltimore, Lancaster, Harrisburg and Gettysburg. For further info, call 717-235-6610 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Adult and Kids Workshops

Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st

This year the Fall Festival will include workshops led by carefully selected, highly-qualified leaders.  Keep an eye on the Fall Festival Workshops Page for workshop announcements.




What is sustainability? According to the USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (SARE), sustainable agriculture is 1) economically viable, 2) socially supportive, and 3) ecologically sound. That can be said as well of sustainability in general. Sustainable thinking and sustainable action are those modes of thought and life which protect the health of the land, support local communities, and uphold the well-being of their practitioners. If any of these pieces are missing, that approach is not sustainable over the long term.




What are we harvesting? Since this is a Harvest Fair, held during the traditional harvest season, we are concerned with harvesting the bounty of the good Earth: fruits and vegetables, animal products, and fiber. But we are also concerned with harvesting ideas, ideas about how we can live a more balanced, healthy, and harmonious life with the Earth and our fellow creatures. This harvest is reaped, not with sickle or knife, but through exhibits, presentations, lectures, and above all, networking.


So thank you for coming! We hope you have a wonderful time at our sixth annual Mother Earth Harvest Moon Fair at Spoutwood Farm, and may the things you harvest here help you to enjoy a healthy, balanced, and sustainable life.